Giving Tuesday 2017

Make Your Mark on Berks History!

What makes Berks County a great place to live, work and play? The people of course!

Berks County is home to countless individuals who have made their mark on our local history. The Berks History Center is committed to preserving and sharing these stories for generations to come through educational programming, museum exhibits and the BHC Research Library.

Make YOUR Mark on Berks history by helping us to continue our 148 year old mission to preserve, interpret and share the unique heritage of Berks County.

Make a lasting impact on the historical legacy of Berks County by supporting the Berks History Center on #GivingTuesday 

Your generous #GivingTuesday donation will directly impact the people of Berks County by helping the Berks History Center to provide improved educational programming, museum exhibits and library research services. Our goal is to raise $10,000 on #GivingTuesday for a number of facilities improvements and operational costs including the following:

Humidity Control System Improvements 

The Berks History Center museum building was built in 1929 and is home to over 25,000 artifacts dating back to the 1700s. As stewards of the physical remnants of Berks County’s past, preservation is our number one priority. With improved temperature and climate controls, the Berks History Center can ensure that the invaluable pieces of our local history (artifacts) remain protected for future generations.

Preservation Supplies for the Museum

The science of preservation involves protecting artifacts from physical deterioration over time through proper storage and handling best practices. Curators use special materials such as acid free storage boxes, acid-free tissue, and etha-foam to store precious artifacts and protect them from harm. With additional preservation supplies, the Berks History Center will protect museum artifacts over time, making these items available to the people of Berks County for generations to come.

A New Digital Projector 

After 10 years of monthly, and sometimes weekly, educational programs in the BHC Connor Auditorium, the BHC’s current digital projector is beyond repair! Please help us replace our digital projector, which is essential to the regular Second Saturday and other educational programming at the Berks History Center.

Updated Software and Microfilm Reader Maintenence 

The Berks History Center Research Library serves about 1000 vistors each year by helping researchers access and find the historical information they need. Various Berks County newspapers, early tax lists, assorted church records, and other unique materials can be found in the BHC’s Microfilm collections. Some forms of microfilm are said to last for 500 years and this medium helps to preserve historical documents that would otherwise deteriorate over time. With updated software and maintenence the BHC Research Library’s three Microfilm reader will continue to enable access to the microfilm collection, helping researchers discover their Berks history.

Local Music History Preservation

The Berks History Center is involved in the preservation of local music history through the Berks County Rock & Roll Hall of Fame exhibit and the annual Magical History Tour concert. The Berks County Rock & Roll Hall of Fame commemorates the individuals and groups who have made significant contributions to Berks County’s contemporary music scene. The Berks History Center honors approximately 40 musicians and groups each year, adding new members to Berks County Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at the Magical History Tour concert, a day long celebration of local music. Both the concert and exhibit require significant operational costs, such as rentals fees and supplies, to serve the community with this rockin’ “living history.”