Employment Opportunities



The BHC is committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all persons regardless of age, citizenship, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, veteran status, genetic information, ancestry, and any other protected status. The BHC values and promotes diversity as a strategic advantage.


Berks History Center leads the way in telling the 300-year story of Berks County and its people, with the aim of building an understanding of our unique history, strengthening our sense of community and inspiring our community’s progress in the years to come.


Founded in 1869, the Historical Society of Berks County, now the Berks History Center (BHC), is the official historical society for Berks County, Pennsylvania as recognized by the Berks County Board of Commissioners. The BHC owns and operates two facilities in Reading Pennsylvania. The BHC’s Museum collection includes, 28,941 three-dimensional artifacts dating from 1684-2017. The purpose of the BHC is to promote the discovery, collection, preservation and publication of the historical legacy, records, and information relating to Berks County and the City of Reading. It accomplishes this by collecting and preserving Berks County artifacts, court records, books, newspapers, maps, genealogies, artwork, relics, engravings, manuscripts, letters, and all other materials that illustrate and document the history, growth and development of the area. Our concentration includes, but is not limited to, the social, commercial and artistic development that shaped the community we serve. In addition to being an important adjunct to the educational institutions in Berks County, we also strive to promote the artistic and cultural legacy of our community, which enhances the quality of life and place for the citizens of Berks County, as well as the county’s reputation as an important destination for tourists throughout the world.

The Center’s Henry Janssen Research Library & Archives is staffed by a full time archivist and holds 2,782.37 linear feet of archival and manuscript material, including 272 collections, with 7,628 books, 600 maps and 20,665 photographic images. This state of the art research center hosts genealogists, scholars and researchers from all 50 states and abroad.